My Healing
Massage & Yoga - Integrative Therapy


"My massage with Amanda was relaxing and effective. I was hurting in a few areas and she zoned in and smoothed & soothed out the areas. Felt so much better afterwards!" -Sunny Graydon, LMT

"Amanda is extremely intuitive with her Reiki. I've worked with many different therapists and she is at the top with her skills. Her feedback about my body was very helpful and I can't wait to go back." -Ladonna Ward, LMT, NMT, Owner of Birmingham School of Massage

"Amanda is one of the best massage therapist I've ever encountered. She is totally in tune with her clients, is extremely focused and passionate about her work. In other words, a true professional exemplifying the best in her field. I highly recommend Sati Healing Arts." -Stewart Dansby

"I've gotten two massages from Amanda, and done Reiki with her. The massages were fantastic. We kept open communication the entire time and I felt so great after. As for the Reiki, I was unsure about what to expect but she broke it down for me and was so relaxed I dozed off halfway through. She's the only person I'd go to for massages!" -Shaina Wolinsky 

"Truly talented massage therapist. You will not regret it! Extremely valuable experience." -Sarah Myers, NP