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My Healing: Massage & Yoga - Integrative Therapy 

"Amanda is EXCEPTIONAL! She knows anatomy, physiology and the mental aspects of relaxation and massage healing better than anyone I know. I recommend highly recommend her!" -Bill Terry

"Amanda is probably the most proficient, professional, intelligent and profoundly well-adept practitioners I’ve ever met. I’ve now received multiple massages from her and her attention to detail, and ability to discern problem areas is astounding. Shes been able to not only treat, but diagnose problem areas I wasn’t even aware of until I received her council. After being treated for some shoulder pain, I was lucky enough to be a student of her yoga classes as well. She is, by far, my favorite yoga teacher as she pairs her incredible knowledge of the practice with her foundation in massage and trigger point therapy - her ability to understand the human body and it’s limitations, makes her the most well-rounded yoga teacher I’ve ever met. I would be remiss in not encouraging anyone who wants to take their healing journey seriously - to see and receive treatment and therapy from Amanda. There’s nobody more well suited for the job, and her love of people and seeing them through their healing is profoundly inspiring." -Karl Vincent Roth

"Amanda has the perfect combination of scientific knowledge and intuition. She has an incredible foundational understanding of the anatomy of the body, and a gentle spirit which made me feel at ease. Highly recommend!" -Pennie Nichols

"I’ve been practicing yoga with Amanda for a few months now. She is one of the more accomplished yogis with whom I’ve had the privilege of learning. Amanda’s classes have deepened my practice not only helping me develop body strength, flexibility and balance, but creating the right conditions for self-reflection and awareness in each and every class. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have her as a teacher." -William Schwartz

"As someone recovering from a back injury and working on improving my posture while working a desk job and someone who's been dealing with back pain for a few years now, it's an understatement to say I'm happy to have found Amanda with My Healing. I'm glad she offers both private yoga lessons and massage therapy at an affordable price. I have tried to get yoga lessons and also saw multiple massage therapists in an effort to deal with my back pain but seeing multiple people can get hectic. Each time after a session I feel the stress melt away. I'm really looking forward to going down the road of recovery with the assistance of a very talented person!" -Andres Palacios

"I highly recommend Amanda if you are looking for an amazing massage! She got me in right away, much to my relief and surprise. I’ve had numerous massages before so I consider myself a little particular. She was very thorough in the intake process and I was immediately at ease. Not only did I get a phenomenal massage but I also got helpful tips for how to keep my body healthy in between massage visits. I loved her massage style, calm and welcoming demeanor and knowledge of body mechanics. I look forward to my next massage! Thank you Amanda! ♥️" -Audra Ebel

"Amanda gives not only a magically relaxing massage, but also provides valuable information for self-care based on what she’s learned about your body whilst massaging. While I did thoroughly enjoy the full body massage, I must say that her intense massaging on the soles of my feet was remarkable and relieved tension throughout my entire body significantly.
100% would recommend My Healing. (Side note, the space is extremely clean, cozy, and warm. Perfect massage environment.)" -Andy Bostany, RYT

"Amanda is a gifted healer and guide. Her presence is warm, welcoming and grounding. She has a strength and wisdom that empowers and encourages. I always feel refreshed and optimistic about life, after visiting her." -True Spa

"My massage with Amanda was relaxing and effective. I was hurting in a few areas and she zoned in and smoothed & soothed out the areas. Felt so much better afterwards!" -Sunny Graydon, LMT

"Amanda is extremely intuitive with her Reiki. I've worked with many different therapists and she is at the top with her skills. Her feedback about my body was very helpful and I can't wait to go back." -Ladonna Ward, LMT, NMT, Owner of Birmingham School of Massage

"Amanda is one of the best massage therapists I've ever encountered. She is totally in tune with her clients, is extremely focused and passionate about her work. In other words, a true professional exemplifying the best in her field. I highly recommend My Healing." -Stewart Dansby

"I've gotten two massages from Amanda, and done Reiki with her. The massages were fantastic. We kept open communication the entire time and I felt so great after. As for the Reiki, I was unsure about what to expect but she broke it down for me and was so relaxed I dozed off halfway through. She's the only person I'd go to for massages!" -Shaina Wolinsky 

"Truly talented massage therapist. You will not regret it! Extremely valuable experience." -Sarah Myers, NP

"Amanda actually worked on my husband and me while she was still in school, and after one session, I was hooked! I suffer from fibromyalgia, so I’ve filtered through a good few massage therapists and haven’t found anyone as consistent and attentive as her. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and she worked on me most of my pregnancy and has really helped with my lower back pain and fibromyalgia pain during this big change. Highly recommend her! Wither it be fibromyalgia, pregnancy, plantar fasciitis, or just wanting to get your body in better health." -Clarissa Hughes